Another invitation from the creative community of, the second time around that VisualCast will be sharing a thing or two about brand development in the new era of micro business. What an exciting event to be a part of! !

Kreavi is an organization that connects Indonesia’s creative talents from all around the archipelago to the business world. On their website,, creative people can publish their work, interact with experts and build network through this platforms filled with inspiration and bright Kreavi’s event is known as Kumpul Kreavi. In this event, creative people can share, discuss and broaden their knowledge about the creative industry.

For the 19th episode of Kumpul Kreavi, titled “Branding: Sharing the Essentials”, VisualCast has been invited to talk about brand developmeng alongside legendary people in the industry. One of them is Mr. Ayip Budiman, the founder of Paradesa and co-founder of Matamera Communications, a legendary senior designer from Bali. It is an honor for VisualCast to be speaking together with such influential people in the industry. Danis Sie, a designer from Surabaya will also be speaking among the three guest speakers.

Right now, we are preparing our presentation on the subject of up-to-date brands, where the global trend is shifting from big global brands to local creative brands. This is why we feel it is crucial for all of competing in the industry to adapt to this trend too, because this is where the future leads.

Kumpul Kreavi, the 19th Episode, Branding: Sharing the Essentials, will take place in ISI Denpasar – Bali, on Sunday, February 22nd, 2015. Sign up and join the event, we would love to see you all there. Stay tuned, as we will keep you updated after the event.