A collaboration work between our office and Vaith Design. The client, Surya Prima Jayatama (SPJ) is a renown paper supplier that provides creative paper for the industry. The expectation and the standard for this project is high since the product will be distributed to other fellow designers, yet we still manage to play around the brief and created a calendar with a touch of dark comedy.

The brief was to combine global warming issue with Surabaya’s local content elements. Instead of the predictable global warming prevention theme with lot’s of ‘batik’ images, we go the opposite and introduce the Surabaya Post-Apocalyptic theme. The calendar is dubbed the survival guide to environmental disaster: a practical guide. It was executed in a 1940 guide book style and loaded with fictional tips to survive the post global meltdown in Surabaya. We use lots of comedy twist based on global warming facts and put a lot of Surabaya memorable icon like buildings, landscapes, habit and culture.

This calendar was printed on the certified environmental friendly papers. We use a lot of post production techniques to play around the design. Hot stamping, die cutting, spot printing, embossing, etc. These fancy visual execution combined with a funny copywriting gave a unique personality to the project.

The page below deviced like an old-school paper toy. Where we can cut out the gas mask and stick it to the skeleton – match your gas mask with your tie today.

Origami instruction for folding a paper fan. The Batik pattern was printed on the suggested folding paper.

The page below was manually handwritten before the distribution. We personally wrote unique and different messages to each and every single one of the calendar copy – It took days for us to finish the whole calendar (luckily they didn’t reprint the calendar).