PT. Surya Multi Indopack

Pt smi, packaging company, website design, graphic design, company profile design, flexible packaging

Building a set of company profile in both printed media and digital format for one of the largest flexible packaging company in Indonesia.

When the project started, PT SMI handed us the existing company logo files and asked us to create a visual brand style based on the logo. a guideline was certainly needed to maintain the visual consistency across various design items, so we started the project by drafting brand and graphic standard manual, then applied them on several stationeries design items.

The printed company profile was one of the most challenging work we’ve ever done. Because of the nature of their business communication, the copywriting contents were loaded with lots of industrial technical terms. On site sessions for photos and video were constrained with lots of safety regulations – pushing the whole creative team to come up with experinmental solutions, capturing images we’ve envisioned, not to mention their two large separate plants! (read: more grounds to cover).

The book was printed on 4 colors offset with additionals 2 metallic ink colors – gold and silver, and 1 vibrant special spot color. The aim was really to integrate an appealing various printing techniques into it, since most of its audiences were familiar with printing and techniques. Spot UV techniques were also used as blind patterns and prints, elevating the whole look with reflective layers above the prints and photos.

Inside the book, we highlighted some sections by adding extra pages printed in different page sizes to emphasize and distinguish the information. This solution worked, particularly in terms of communication efficiency yet adding a unique feeling to the book. The printed version was also completed with QR codes, redirecting readers to the company website that hosted dynamic information.

The website was built to be responsive and able to adjust its size based on the medium. It was designed to be mobile friendly, although we and our client were aware that most of the audiences and potential clients would mostly access the site through computer browser. The website accomodated a more detailed company information, introduction and several technical videos. To view the live website, please click this link here.