Integra Indonesia Group

Integra Group, website, graphic design, book design, company profile design, layout

Integra Group is the largest vertical integrated wood manufacturer in Indonesia. This public company aims to redesign their website and do some updatings on the website function for their investor’s information. On top of that, they also need a new company profile book to go along with their newly designed website.

Integra Group consists of 7 subsidiary and 1 non subsidiary companies, each with their own product specialties and informations. One of the many challenges with this project is to gather and manage all those different corporate details, while balancing the equal weight on the information. The company profile was printed in 4 colors print with additional silver metallic color, while its cover was printed in green spot color, corresponded with their corporate color and added a silver hot foil printing to accentuate the logo presence. to retain a good production budget by restricting information (and pages count) on the printed version, while using QR codes to reroute audiences to their website to access more detailed informations.

The website was created in two major sections.
The first is for the corporate section to cover all company profile infos, update-able timelines, subsidiaries information and product details. The second one is dedicated for investors which also covers all press releases, stock informations, financial report and annual reports. This later section was designed to be updated easily and regularly.
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