Herbastory, herbal product, packaging design, graphic design, Identity system

New herbal products brand by a well established company that aims to introduce herbal products to a younger urban market. 

Herbastory is a brand of herbal products, manufactured with low temperature extraction process technology which resulted in a more potent product compared to natural dried ones. The idea was to inject a fun, casual style design onto a herbal product with ‘medical’ benefits, and trying to avoid suggestions of a ‘jamu’ product (Indonesia traditional herbal drink) which has a stereotype image of being bitter and unpleasanttaste.

We created the packaging label design as a template due to many future product varieties and development. 
By using combination of vibrant colors, the brand creates an endless variation of color coding for every product, while giving rise of the packaging to stand out on retail shelves. We also applied the visual style to other materials, including the look and feel for the brand’s Instagram gallery.