DEPOT 3.6.9.


One 50-year-old restaurant chains that needs to reposition itself to be more relevant and appealing to the younger market. The great challenge was to reintroduce the old brand as spesific as ‘Shanghai Dumpling and Noodle’, rather than an ordinary Chinese noodle – as it’s previously known for decades.

Depot 3.6.9. is accounted as one of the oldest F&B brand in Java. This family-owned brand was first established in 1957, and handed down to their younger generation ever since. Depot 3.6.9. is rich in stories and values surrounding the brand – a tale of vast heritage, culture, and family values. Therefore we decide to build the whole brand idea and visual wrapping around these core values.

The idea was to expose the uniqueness of Shanghai dishes and how they differ from the rest of Chinese food. Together with the Client, we carefully select and name the products to fit the categories. Some products and culture were created to accentuate the brand value, in which we share stories about the product itself and about Shanghai as the brand root. As for the visual guidelines, we combine cultural and heritage elements into a more modern eclectic design.
The integrated applications on graphic materials, products, communications and interiors, are all communicating the very same idea – Authentic Shanghai Dumpling and Noodle.

Posted below are only some of the works we’ve done for the Client along these years – since we cover a large ground of area on their graphics and visual brand works.

Since menu book is the only item that people pours their attention into in a restaurant, our team decides to infuse information about the brand, history and other product information in it. Along the years we found this to be an effective way to extend the information across the consumers.

In the early years, we’ve helped the Client to create a unique store environment to enhance their consumer experience. Along the way we also develope new ways to integrate informations about the brand and products with the environment itself. For us, the project just keeps evolving. Learning from past experiences, we believe we’re not done yet.