Avian X Disney

Avian, Walt Disney, website design, graphic design, display design

A collaboration project among two big names: Avian Brand, one of the biggest paint company in Indonesia and the Walt Disney Company.

Although we’ve been working on a few collaboration works before, working with big names like Avian and Disney brought us to a different level. 
Both brands are very well established with their own sets of guidance and visual styles, so striking a good balance between these two (and getting both sides approval) was a big challenge.

For the collaboration, Avian produces a few product lines which inspired by Disney’s character color palettes and themes. Avian also creates a number of special effects paints like glow in the dark, magnetic, and glitz (glitters) paint. All product introductions and informations was printed on one color swatch book.

Inside the book we also created a number of color inspiration images that shows how these special paints works in a room. Using the QR code technology, we redirect audiences from book pages to the website, which holds more information and even more color inspiration images. These QR codes are custom made with analytic tracking for marketing insight purposes.

We also applied the design to other materials, from in-store gondolas, billboards, banners, to bonus items like Disney’s stencil stamps, which can be used as ideas to decorate a room the Disney way.