The weather was good, the crowd was great, the topics were compelling and the response was immense. It was nice to be on paradise island for Kumpul Kreavi and here is our report on the event.

Brand design is one of the most popular topics asked by design students nowadays. It was also a popular theme to discuss among design communication students from ISSI Denpasar, the host of the 19th Kumpul Kreavi. Even though the event was hosted at a university building, but many of the participants were designers not only from Bali, but also from other areas of Indonesia. It was great to be among such an enthusiastic audience. The energy was awesome!

The theme for this event was Branding: Sharing the Essentials, where every guest speaker was asked to share a case study and their perspectives about brand. VisualCast not only used this opportunity to share about the essentials of a brand design, but also to break down step-by-step tips on how we create brand design for our clients.

Not only that, but we also introduced the concept of micro brand, which is brand development executed within a small scale. Small here is defined as targeted for small entrepreneur businesses, or also known as micro businesses. Micro businesses are on the rise these past few years, especially with the economic downturn and global recessions. More and more companies are doing their best to cut cost and minimize budget.

Efficiency is the key, especially with the availability and ease of access to media and global information. It is so much easier to target a niche market compared to a general market in this day and era. For companies with this vision and scale in mind, investing in a big and complex brand development is not an option. With this mindset, we aim to adapt our service and product to facilitate this market. Perhaps for companies located in capital cities it is still an option for them to consider total brand, but for companies located in smaller markets in smaller cities, total brand may be too extensive.

We closed our opinion by giving an example of a micro brand that VisualCast developed using the same commitment we put into bigger brands. The case study was on Portrait The Wedding – a small, unique wedding photography from Surabaya. More details on this case study can be found at our portfolio section. It was an interesting subject and the discussion was later followed by lots of questions.

But, at the end of the day, the commitment and passion toward your work are what define you. Thank you everyone for coming and participating, we are humbly honored. As we end this sharing on the essentials of branding and micro brand, yes – we do believe that small is the new global.

photo courtesy of kumpul kreavi