Google Gapura is an annual event held by Google Indonesia. This event is held in several big cities in Indonesia, with Surabaya as one of them, with unique themes for different cities. This year, VisualCast has been given the privilege to be invited as one of the panelist in the talk show of Google Gapura Surabaya 2015. The talk show took place at Surabaya’s Government building on April 18th, 2015

The theme for this year is “How to Create Your Own Online Shop”, as sponsored by Kibar Kreasi and Surabaya’s local government. The purpose of this event was to support small-medium-online business units that have been growing rapidly in Indonesia recently, especially in the metropolitan and urban areas. In the midst of global recession in these past years, many entrepreneurs decide to have their own online-based small business, both as a reseller, producer or even a professional selling their services and skills. Internet has helped entrepreneurs reduce capital and operational costs, making it much more affordable to start an online business compared to a traditional offline business.

Participants of this event consist of people from small-medium-enterprises in Surabaya and its surrounding areas. Among the participants, many of them are still yet to start their own business, but interested to learn more about online businesses nonetheless. The rundown of the event includes product presentations from Google and third party businesses that helps businesses make online payments, a series of talk shows with panelists from successful online business owners and practitioners in Surabaya.

VisualCast was one of the last panelists to share during the event, but the participants were still very much eager and excited to discuss the topic of “Roles of Brand and Creativity for Your Online Business”. In general, the discussion revolves around understanding the basic concept of brand and how brand can increase the value of any product and service. We shared the discussion panel with Jiewa Vieri from, a food blogger and food photographer from Surabaya. Our session was closed with questions from the participants. We were thrilled and honored to be given the chance to share and give insights for the development of small-medium-enterprises in Indonesia, especially in relation with the creative industry. It was fun!

More information about this show can be searched using the following hashtags: #gapurasurabaya2015and #googlegapura2015.